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Your best game starts with your club and ends with your swing.

Golf Swing AnalyzerAt Golf Etc., Medford, we use the Zelocity Golf Performance Monitor with Doppler radar technology and P3Pro in our Swing Lab to give you a full computer analysis of your swing.

Our Golf Swing Analyzer collects hundreds of thousands of data points

Zelocity collects hundreds of thousands of data points for a thorough ball flight and swing analysis. The radar "sees" the club and golf ball before, during, and after the moment of impact, and follows the ball as it flies. This allows Zelocity to collect a stream of actual data points (100,000 data points per second) from the Doppler radar signal. This data is then processed through patented mathematical algorithms, to produce vital statistics about your swing and shot including:

  • Club head speed
  • Ball velocity
  • Launch angle
  • Ball spin
  • Distance

Helps you chose golf equipment geared specifically to your individual swing

Aided with this technology, our Swing Lab and professionally trained staff are able to determine the proper lie, loft, shafts, lengths and grips based geared specifically to your individual swing and style of play helping you make a decision about the best type of equipment for your game.

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