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Get Fit Like a Pro

Have you visited Medford's Advanced Golf Performance Center?

Golf Etc OwnersWould you like to take some strokes off your game and lower your score? At Golf Etc., Medford we use Doppler Radar technology to help you select the right equipment for your game.

Selecting the Right Club

The key to success is achieving the correct fit and selecting the best golf components (shaft, head, grip) to compliment your individual golf game. In order to determine the proper fit, we evaluate both the club and the golfer. A complete evaluation of your swing is our first step in developing an accurate profile of your specific abilities, tendencies and style of play.

Our friendly Golf Etc., staff are trained to accurately determine your specific requirements and professionally calibrate your clubs to enhance your game. This precision fitting process will be an on-going dialogue between you and our staff, continually providing you with insight into your game improvement goals and matching you with the proper equipment.

If you are using the same brand equipment as the pros why do they play better? Get fit like a pro with the proper...

  • Loft Adjustment
  • Lie Adjustment
  • Length of Driver
  • Length of Irons
  • Spine Aligned Clubs
  • Correct Shaft for your Club Speed
  • Know the Yardage per Club
  • Proper Grip Size

Selecting the Right Ball

Did you know that with the right ball you can gain more control and greater distance? Ball fitting can make a big difference. We analyze the effect your swing has on your ball by measuring spin rate, launch angle and ball speed. Then together we can match you with the best ball for your game.

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